Welcome, my name is Tima…

I believe that you have greatness with you.

I am a Coach/Mentor, International Speaker and the host of my own Podcast.

Jim Rohn once said "One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention" and this philosophy is the cornerstone of my service delivery. 

Having built small businesses myself from finance to fashion, my versatility enables me to deliver on both business and lifestyle genres.

I love networking and have hosted numerous business networking events throughout Melbourne.  Over my Speaking career I have delivered Keynotes for organisations such as Westpac's Ruby Connection, ANZ, BT & SEBN to name a few.  I have also hosted a number of corporate events, moderated Q&A sessions and business lunches. 

My vision to help others truly understand that their potential is limitless, has inspired me to communicate this message not only on stage but also via my Podcast.   

I was recently recognised as an 'Inspirational woman in Business'  and was interviewed for their show on Channel 31 & Foxtel.