E7. How to start a business with Leo Alhalabi (Author of The First Step)

E7. How to start a business with Leo Alhalabi (Author of The First Step)

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I classify it as a ride...the first step is to accept and embrace this, for it is the experience of darkness that makes us appreciate the light.
— Leo Alhalabi (Author of THE FIRST STEP)

Today's guest is Leo Alhalabi, he is the founder and CEO of Australia's most innovative tutoring company, LGT tutoring. I interviewed Leo earlier this year and in the interview he revealed that he was in the process of finalising his first book.

The time has come where Leo is now ready to take over the world with his new book called The First Step.

If you have been thinking of setting up a business for some time but you are just not sure of where to start, then this is the book you need to read.

If you are a student and want to become an entrepreneur and would like to start something as a side hustle, then The First Step is an absolute must for you to read.

Leo breaks down:

  • What makes a business successful

  • What to expect running your own business

  • How to choose the right industry

  • The importance of marketing for start - ups

  • How to create a business plan

  • Bootstrapping

If you want to win your own copy of The First Step, please visit my Instagram page and enter to WIN your very own copy.

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