E8. From HOMELESS to re-claiming your life with Dr. Lynika Cruz

Dr. Lynika Cruz - Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Metaphysician & Best Selling Author of "Beggars CAN be choosers"


I feel absolutely blessed to be able to share today's Episode with you.  Dr. Lynika Cruz is a Transformation Speaker, Mentor, Doctor of Metaphysics and Best Selling Author of “Beggars CAN Be Choosers." 

This is an inspiring True story of strength and triumph over adversity.  Dr. Lynika Cruz is deeply passionate about helping people re-frame and re-claim their lives, enabling them to make more compelling choices, take action, and achieve greater self-empowerment and success. 

To give you a brief look into Dr. Lynika Cruz....

Dr. Lynika Cruz grew up in a very traumatic childhood with a dangerous environment & was faced with life threatening situations.... Even with all the turbulence growing up in her family home, Dr. Lynika always maintained a sense of humour, curiosity and adventure. 

By the age of 9 Dr. Lynika had already attended 14 different primary schools and then lost count after this.  Then at the age of 11 Dr. Lynika was left behind by her mother which ultimately lead her to live on the streets & this is the moment where her story begins in her book "Beggars CAN be choosers."  For those of you who have read Dr. Lynika’s book would know that 14 years of age is the age referenced in the book of when she was left behind.  However, In the interview Dr. Lynika for the first time shares that she was actually 11 years old and not 14 years old when she was left behind.  This was an incredible piece of the puzzle that she shares and Dr. Lynika explains the reason behind this and the power of this mistruth. 

What I love about Dr. Lynika is that not at ANY stage in her story does she impress upon us as being a victim. 

One of her quotes is "Review adversity & not relive it".

I found this be so magical because this allows us & you the reader to look into her soul.......

...like textbooks, just like anything else at a University or College. Those lessons, they are heavy. If you just kept carrying the text books, or keep carrying the pain, the suffering, the anguish & the unsaid “sorry’s”...it is like carrying wood.
If we keep carrying it, its heavy. What we really should do with it is put it in fire & burn it for fuel. There is such strength to be taken from it....It doesn’t serve us & doesn’t bring any of what we are seeking. It doesn’t bring peace.
— Dr. Lynika Cruz

We cover so many thing; .from her resilience, to how she re-framed her meaning of abandonment, the power of our own story & the importance of sharing this, the power of observation, the mistruth of a necessary belief system that helped her survive the streets. 

We also discuss the deep love that she has for her family despite all of the despair, how to love yourself again & be FULL of yourself.  We also touch on the mindset and how to improve our internal dialogue especially for young adults or teens that are feeling disconnected with life.

If you are a regular listener you know that I ask each of my guests what their definition of limitless potential is....wait till you hear Dr. Lynika's definition.

I know you will be moved once you listen to Dr. Lynika and so if you want to see her speak live you can so by visiting her website www.lynika.com to subscribe to her email list & be notified of her upcoming events.  Before releaseing this interview I caught up with Dr. Lynika again and I wanted her to share her upcoming program called “Liberating Champions” as I did not want my listeners to miss out in the case that you or anyone you know needs this program.  So make sure you listen till the end.

Without further ado, sit back and take in all of Dr. Lynika's wisdom and enjoy the show....


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