E9. How to create a purpose lead business and life with Ruby Lee

Ruby Lee - “Own your hustle”, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor & Motivational Speaker

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What can I say about the AMAZING Ruby Lee.  Yes this is how I refer to Ruby as the AMAZING Ruby Lee.  She is simply a breath of fresh air and the person that inspired me to take action on LinkedIn and be completely & un-apologetically myself.  This is something that we touch on in today’s episode.

Who is Ruby? Ruby was a side hustler now a full-time entrepreneur, a coach, a mentor, a course creator, a motivational speaker and LinkedIn’s #1 energy source.  Ruby’s purpose is to help people who work a 9-5 job create a purpose lead business & to feel connected to why we were put on this planet.


In today’s episode we talk about how Ruby has created the success she has, how she cultivated $65,000 in 65 days purely showing up on LinkedIn, we go way back to the beginning of when first started her first business at the age of 6, we bond over our love of Mariah Carey, to then selling clothes on line, how she overcame her money mindset, to creating course after course & to now living an abundant life with her soul partner Michael & her two sons. 

This episode was a dream come true and it was so much fun having Ruby on my show today & I know that this woman will inspire you to want more in your life.  Enjoy today’s episode.

To follow & connect with Ruby Lee:

Website: www.rubylee.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_rubylee_/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ruby-lee/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/ownyourhustle/

Time Stamps

01.12 – What is a side hustle?

01.59 – What is a purpose lead business?

03.08 – Ruby’s experience in the Corporate world

05.17 – Ruby’s definition of success when employed

05.47 – When Ruby first heard of what Entrepreneurship is

06.31 – Ruby’s first side hustle business at 6 years old

07.56 – E-bay store selling pre-loved clothes at 19 years old (Making $7,500 in 1 year selling clothes)

09.35 – Money working for YOU (The importance of investing)

11.10 – Ruby’s money story (Origins of Ruby’s money beliefs)

12.30 – Mid to late 20’s Ruby’s overspending on materialistic items (Status linked to material items)

14.05 – How Ruby’s over came her Money story

15.07 – Redefining what money means to Ruby

16.03 – Advice to start ups and how to overcome their Money mind block

16.57 – Ruby’s biggest Money fear

18.00 – Ruby’s fear of how her business was performing (even though it was performing WELL) & she felt that money would leave her

19.01 – The moment that this shifted for Ruby

21.05 – When did Ruby decide to make her side hustle her main hustle?

22.10 – How many hours was Ruby working both full time and her side hustle

24.05 – First paying client when Ruby was writing Resumes

26.10 – Michael (Ruby’s husband) belief in Ruby

27.45 – Ruby & Michael working together as a Power Couple (What works) Defining each others role is key

31.00 – Spirituality, manifesting and business

32.32 – Why community / tribe is so important

34.01 – How to build a community

35.55 – The reality of entrepreneurship

37.05 – What is Ruby’s business all about

38.36 – How can you become Ruby’s client

39.43 – How to show up daily on social media with intention even on the days when you really don’t want to

44.01 – How does Ruby convert ideas into PROFIT

47.24 – How does Ruby manage her time with everything she does

49.24 – What is Ruby’s purpose on planet earth?

50.00 – What motivates Ruby?

50.53 – What does Ruby do those days when it feels impossible? (The importance of self care)

52.26 – Which book changed Ruby’s life?

53.04 – Ruby’s views on categorising women

55.04 – Where will Ruby and her family be in 5 years time?

56.40 – What is the one question that Ruby has not had answered yet?

57.54 – Any regrets?

58.15 – What does Ruby’s legacy to be and what does she want to be remembered for?

59.06 – What lesson does Ruby want her kids to learn?

59.22 – What is Ruby yet to do and have always wanted to do?

1.01 – Who would Ruby call if she was told that this was her last day? And what would she say?

1.02 – Our mutual love for Mariah Carey & my appreciation and gratitude for Ruby

1.05 – Ruby’s definition of Limitless Potential

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