E10. How to reinvent yourself & follow your passion with Dr Natalia Wiechovski

Dr. Natalia Wiechovski - “Think Natalia” Personal Branding Strategist, International Keynote speaker, Bilingual Edutainer

E10. How to reinvent yourself & follow your passion with Dr Natalia Wiechovski (1).png

Welcome to Episode 10 of Tima the Podcast. 

Today’s guest is a power house, she is the woman behind the turquoise framed glasses and the powerful brand “Think Natalia”. 

In a nutshell Dr. Natalia is a Personal branding strategist, speaker and edutainer.  In today’s episode we discuss what Dr. Natalia did to help her redefine herself and reinvent a new purpose in her life.  We touch on how important personal branding is, how to create a Personal Branding for both employees and entrepreneurs and the importance of creating authentic content that speaks to your audience. 

You will notice that Dr. Natalia is very engaging when she speaks, and it will be worthwhile for you to watch the YouTube video so that you can experience seeing her speak vs just hearing her speak.  You will not only learn from this episode you will also be entertained.  Enjoy today’s episode.

To follow & connect with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

Website: www.thinknatalia.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thinknatalia/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nataliawiechowski

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thinknatalia

Time Stamps

02.29 – Natalia’s background

04.44 – Growing up thinking that

05.33 – Being labelled as a weirdo and being both introvert & extrovert

07.00 – Being her true self and playing a role

08.20 – What did Dr. Natalia want to be when she grew up? (Having a crush on her dentist)

10.00 – Why did Dr Natalia study social science?

13.30 – When did Dr Natalia first discover the power of social networks & the power of human connection

13.50 – Moving to the UAE

14.55 – Success early in her career & not feeling successful

17.55 – 29 and feeling miserable

19.00 – Dr Natalia’s internal dialogue when she felt this way

19.25 – Feeling like a “wasted resource”

22.45 – Rewriting her PhD and looking at the world with a new perspective

23.45 – How did Dr Natalia prepare herself to be able to go on a sabbatical

25.00 – Living a minimalist life to inspire awareness & reconnect with her purpose

26.32 – Robyn Sharma having Dr Natalia’s job

27.00 – Getting rid of bad habits to create new empowering habits

27.55 – The most confronting aspect in facing herself

30.00 – Facing her past and people asking for forgiveness

32.05 – When Dr. Natalia realised that speaking was something, she should take seriously

33.00 – What happened when Dr. Natalia decided to be herself when on stage for the first time

33.35 – When Dr Natalia realised that she was a public speaker

37.00 – Where did the name “Think Natalia” come from

39.08 – Personal branding

39.25 – What does Dr. Natalia believe Personal Branding is

42.25 – Intentional personal branding by Dr. Natalia

45.25 – The power of story telling

46.45 – Dr Natalia’s prediction of where Personal Branding is heading

49.30 – How to access Dr Natalia’s courses

50.15 – How can an employee have a Personal Brand online

56.22 – Personal Brand and entrepreneurship

57.15 – Why should people gift you with their time?

1:01 – LinkedIn and the authenticity on the platform

1:02 – Edutaining content on video

1:07 – The story behind the turquoise glasses

1:11 – Dr Natalia’s take on being an “Influencer”

1:15 – Where is the business of “Influencer marketing” heading?

1:17 – Where is Dr Natalia heading

1:19 – How can people access to Dr. Natalia’s courses

1.22 – Close and answer to what is Dr. Natalia’s definition of Limitless Potential

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