#3 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 2/7)

#3 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 2/7)

#3 - INSPIRATION: How to "Create" your purpose

(STEP 2/7)

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Inspiration Series.

Before we get into today's episode I want to leave you with this....

You have been blessed with your life....You were chosen to exist in this world....No-one is you & there is no-one else like you that exists with your own DNA, with your own skill set & experiences. You are unique and that is your Superpower!
— Tima Elhajj



On today's episode I share the SECOND STEP of a method that I created called the "Create your purpose method".

The "Create your purpose method" will help you be one step closer to the person you want to be and live that life you have always wanted to have. 

If you are looking for you are purpose, If you are confused about your existence, if you are unsure of what your passion is, if you feel disconnected with life & you are ready to step into your greatness then keep listening. 




Step 2: Natural gifts, core values & your ideal self


You may think or believe that you do not have any natural gifts.  We all have natural gifts, gifts that are undeniably ingrained within you. 

Your natural gifts are more than just a skill.  They are the things that make you, you

Every time you do these things you feel completely yourself and makes you feel stronger within you.

If the word 'gifts' scares you then think of them as your strengths.  We all have them! 

These are your special gifts that only you have and offer these in the way that you do.  No one else is you and no one ever will be you.

These natural gifts may be include strengths similar to...

Being compassionate and sensitive to others.

Having the ability to win people over even if you have just met them.

Lifting people up when they have no hope left.

Motivating others to chase to make a change in their life.

Have the ability to communicate complicated ideas in a simple east to follow way so that others can learn & apply.

The ability to really listen to others.

You will have these gifts for life.  What is important is to continue to use these gifts on a daily basis and continue to find ways to develop them.  Self awareness is key here, acknowledging that you have these gifts is crucial. 

For example, one of my natural gifts is communication.  I have always loved helping and teaching others and I discovered along the way that my ability to communicate with others and connect with others come very naturally to me. 

So what are your natural gifts?  List these now.  Do not over think it; just write whatever comes to your mind.


Your core values could include anything that you feel strongly about in many or all areas of your life.  Some examples may include trust, accountability, dependability, loyalty etc.

Make a list of all of your core values and this list can be as long as you want it to be.

Once you complete this list, have a think about which of these core values you feel the most strongly about.  Pick 5 of these values and write 3 reasons as to why each core value is important to you.


Define the type of person you want to become.  Remember you are a work in progress so be as creative as you want and need to be. 

Write one (or more) paragraph/s for each area that you want to change in your life.  Be very specific here. Be detailed and include descriptions including, what you are wearing, how you will feel, the smells and colours of your surroundings, the time of the year it is etc.

Every area that you want to create a change for must be accompanied with a paragraph describing your ideal self.  The areas to consider include; career, wealth, health, relationships, family, friendships, community & spirituality.

This exercise will show you the person you are so capable of becoming.

 Start your each paragraph with.....

"As a business woman/man I want to......."

"As a wealthy woman/man I want to......."

"As a healthy woman/man I want to......."

"As a wife/husband/partner I want to......."

"As a mother/father/brother/sister/daughter/son/family member I want to......."

"As friend I want to......."

"As a community member I want to......."

"As a spiritual person I want to......."

When you are writing your paragraph detail how you would face challenges as well as successes.  How will you face challenges? and how will you celebrate your successes? 

If you are including others in your paragraph also include how you want to make them feel.  Be detailed and be specific. Most importantly be creative and imagine the life, that fantasy life you have always dreamed of having.

Enjoy today's episode.


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