#5 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 4/7)

#5 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 4/7)

#5 - Inspiration Series: How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 4/7)

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Inspiration Series.

Before we get into today's episode I want to leave you with this....

Identity drives behaviour. If you want to make a change in your life, don’t focus on the behaviour, focus on changing your identity. If you successfully change that, the behaviours will flow forth
— Tom Bilyeu

On today's episode I share the FOURTH STEP of a method that I created called the "Create your purpose method".

The "Create your purpose method" will help you be one step closer to the person you want to be and live that life you have always wanted to have. 

If you are looking for you are purpose, If you are confused about your existence, if you are unsure of what your passion is, if you feel disconnected with life & you are ready to step into your greatness then keep listening. 




Step 4: Identity drives behaviour

For each of the following write a paragraph for each of these and ask yourself...

What is my purpose for this area in my life? How will I feel doing these things?

What are the behaviours that will drive me to create this identity?

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Imagine that you are the CEO of each of the 4 areas above. 

Describe the things that you will do to cultivate that identity. 

For example, as the CEO of your mental life...

"I feel that I have the tools and the skills to face any challenge that comes before me. I am a work in progress; I am a student of life.  I am mentally strong & even on the days where I may feel no so strong; I am willing to continue to trust the process...."   

Enjoy today's episode.


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