#7 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 6/7)

#7 Inspiration - How to "Create" your purpose (STEP 6/7)


(STEP 6/7)

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Inspiration Series.

Before we get into today's episode I want to leave you with a quote by Tony Robbins.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the INVISIBLE into the VISIBLE.
— Tony Robbins

On today's episode I share the SIXTH STEP of a method that I created called the "Create your purpose method".

The "Create your purpose method" will help you be one step closer to the person you want to be and live that life you have always wanted to have. 

If you are looking for you are purpose, If you are confused about your existence, if you are unsure of what your passion is, if you feel disconnected with life & you are ready to step into your greatness then keep listening.  This audio has been taken directly from the video series that is available on my YouTube channel so if you enjoy video I will include the links in the show notes..........

Step 6: Identify your goals

I want you to really think about what you want to achieve.  This could be a goal that includes one specific area in your life or more.  The important thing here is for you to look at both micro and macro goals.

Again, the areas to consider include; career, wealth, health, relationships, family, friendships, community & spirituality.

Whichever area you thought of first, just go with that.  Write about it, ask yourself questions about what you want and why.  Then take it a step further and think of how you will do this.  It doesn't have to be perfect. 

If you are up for the challenge, write a goal for each area of your life.  You may surprise yourself. 

Enjoy today's episode.


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